Patient Resources

A little extra help where you may need it.

AAHA – The American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization to accredit companion veterinary hospitals. Our accredited hospitals hold themselves to a higher standard. Pets are their passion, and keeping them healthy is their #1 priority. They strive to deliver excellent care for pets. Why? Because pets deserve nothing less.

logo_aaha_red_fulltextDid you know that accreditation for animal hospitals is voluntary? Surprising, isn’t it? Nearly 60% of pet owners believe that their pet’s veterinary hospital is accredited when it is not. In actuality, only 12-15% of animal hospitals have gone through the accreditation evaluation process by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). We are proud to call ourselves an AAHA- accredited hospital.

Accreditation by AAHA means that an animal hospital has been evaluated on approximately 900 standards of veterinary excellence. To maintain their accreditation, hospitals undergo a rigorous review by veterinary experts every three years. AAHA accreditation is considered the standard for veterinary excellence.

Perkiomen Animal Hospital is an AAHA Accredited Hospital and has been for over 25 years. Learn more about AAHA accreditation and why our accreditation is important to you and your pet. Visit

Healthy Pet – Healthy Pet is an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) page with loads of information about companion pets including a Pet Care Library, FAQs, recommended reading, etc.

AKC – The American Kennel Club provides information about dog breeds and can aid in picking the right breed for your family and lifestyle.