Our Services

Our goal is to make this transition go as smoothly and comfortably as possible.

End of Life Decisions and Care

Helping pet owners with end of life issues and decisions since 1956.

Our compassionate staff will help make the challenges of disease and age go as smoothly and comfortable for the members of your pet family. Pain management and quality of life issues will be tailored to your pet’s needs. When the time comes to make the decision to humanely end your pet’s suffering and pain from major illness or advanced age issues, we are here for you. We offer both hospital visits or in-home visits for euthanasia of your beloved pet.

Perkiomen Animal Hospital has offered at home euthanasia for many years. A veterinarian and technician will come to your home and perform the final act of caring in an area that is comfortable for you and your pet. A sedative may be given to ease any anxiety your pet may be experiencing. An intravenous catheter is placed to administer the painless injection of a barbiturate. You may choose to bury your pet at home or we can bring your pet back to the hospital for private cremation at our onsite crematorium.

Cremains are available within a few days and will be returned to you in a simple urn. There is also an option to purchase a more personalized urn. The cremains can be picked up at the hospital or delivered to you personally. We offer a clay paw print as a memorial to your pet and you may choose to have a lock of fur and/or whiskers as well.